Inspired by the dedication of the lighthouse keepers of old — who ensured the lamps were lit and shining bright — this program allows donors to become our modern-day lamplighters.

By making regular donations to Lighthouse for Life, our Lamplighters ensure that the light of hope shines into the lives of those who are trapped in the darkness of sex trafficking.

As a Lighthouse Lamplighter, we want you to have an understanding of what your gifts are actively doing. We’ve run the numbers (literally) and broken it down into dollar amounts per day so that you can see how your gift can make an impact.

Would you consider sponsoring one day per month at one of these levels?

$31: It costs $31 PER DAY to provide the necessary materials for training members of our community (medical professionals, law enforcement, first responders, and civilians).

$74: It costs $74 PER DAY, PER RESIDENT to operate our safe house for survivors, Karis Home, and provide direct services to residents.

$173: It costs $173 PER DAY to provide survivor support services at The Harbor, our office and support hub for victims of sex trafficking.

$YOU CHOOSE: Any amount you feel called to give can help us shine a light into the darkness of human trafficking.